Quality of Life

Bringing together the best in outdoor adventure and white-gloved comfort – There's simply no place like it. Hit the trail, the slopes, the river, or the spa – all in the same day. With award winning restaurants and an ever increasing night life, Watauga puts you right where you want to be. No matter your lifestyle, there's something for you here!

Our area has been described as a golfer's paradise, with all the challenges you need to build up your handicap. And with elevation changes of more than 2,000 feet, the High Country is known as a naturalist's paradise as well! Boasting some of the most amazing hiking, climbing, rafting, cycling and skiing on the Eastern Coast of the Unites States is just the beginning. Watauga County offers a tremendous sense of adventure for those willing to get out and find it!

In addition to excellent shopping and dining options scattered throughout the area, Watauga County also boasts the Appalachian Summer Festival – An annual series of performances, featuring some of the greatest talents in our culture today. "The Festival and the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains are an ideal setting for artists to develop - and audiences to experience - some of the most creative works being produced today." This commitment to quality in the arts, sets Watauga County apart and exceeds the expectations one would associate with a mountain community.